• Live Video Streaming

  • Radio Airplay

  • Music distribution  

  • Artists advertisement and marketing

  • Artists development

  • Blog posting  

  • Gallery Showcasing / Music Showcases  

  • Digital campaigns

  • Creative content creations 

  • Marketing strategy development 

  • Professional Music Mixing and Mastering 

  • Music Production

  • Video Production 

  • Video editing 

  • Website Building 

  • Graphic designing



We are all artists! 


Arts and Rhymes is a arts incubator and art advocacy program focused on giving artist a platform to express themselves .


Arts and Rhymes mission is to develop new talent working one on one offering a variety of services through arts, music,education and advocacy. Arts and Rhymes aims to encourage self-identification and promote an alternative lifestyle among urban youth. 


The Arts and Rhymes platform is an online one stop shop service dedicated to supporting artists and musicians around the world by helping them promote and distribute their art and music online.