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Childrens Workshop

The Arts and Rhymes Children’s Art workshop is committed to building positive self-awareness, innovative thinking, and the original expression of children. In our workshop, we believe in cultivating the intrinsic creativity of every child. We highly regard the importance of providing all participants with the opportunities to engage in imaginative art making, beyond the rote manufacturing of reproductions of predictable works of art, and instead, teach students to understand art making. Our professional teaching artists and dedicated volunteers teach every child how to steer their creativity direction through innovative experimentation in painting, mixed media, sculpture, and printing. We are confident that your child’s journey to self-esteem and creativity will commence with us at the Arts and Rhymes Children's workshop.

The Artist Spotlight 

The Artist Spotlight is a vibrant platform focused on celebrating and promoting artists through a series of engaging events, online showcases, and community projects. The Artist Spotlight aims to empower artists by providing them with visibility and networking opportunities. The program is committed to fostering collaboration and highlighting the diverse talents within the artistic community. Whether showcasing emerging talents or celebrating established artists, the Artist Spotlight is dedicated to creating a space where creativity thrives and artists are celebrated.

Community Beautification Pojects

The Arts and Rhymes Community Beautification project is dedicated to providing a safe space for artists to unleash their creativity and self-expression, fostering positive mindsets as they showcase their art. This project actively involves the entire community in a resident-driven process aimed at identifying community values, envisioning the future, and collaboratively working towards lasting positive impact. Additionally, local businesses generously contribute by offering up all wall space for these artistic projects, further enhancing community engagement and artistic expression.

Contact Us

Please feel free to inquire about any of our programs. We are eager to hear your questions and feedback concerning our initiatives, events, collaborations, and opportunities for artists. You can reach us via the provided channels to learn more and actively participate in our vibrant artistic community.

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