Arts And Rhymes Presents Minus One"Taking it to The Streets"

In our latest edition of Arts And Rhymes 

Taking It To The Streets Series, we met up with graffiti artist and Illustrator Minus One to take a look at what he's been up to. Minus One has been consistently pushing out dope piece walls and zines for years so we were excited here at Arts and Rhymes to have him bless us with a peek into his unique view on comics and graffiti. Minus' current project is Atomik Skulz, an urban sci-fi comic full of creepy aliens, graffiti, witty dialogue and ray-guns. 

Check it out!

Video Shot By: Brian Mr. Radio Camacho
Video edited by: 4RealStudios
Story written by: Victoria Lovenotes

Arts And Rhymes Presents Noxer "Taking it to The Streets"

Arts and Rhymes is Taking It To The Streets! In our new series of Artist interviews, we're chopping it up with graffiti artists who have been putting in work in nitty gritty NYC. Stay tuned for exclusive talks with street legends and up and comers, as we take a look into the real world of Graffiti.


First up in our new series is New York's very own NOXER DOD. This Brooklyn native has been destroying the streets for over 20 years and it doesn't look like hes stopping anytime soon.This writer always has a unique twist when it comes to his graffiti using the signature "Black Man gone Robbin" as the main character in most of his work. Very big on staying physically nondescript, Noxer has been able to keep his identity a secret while still managing to be the center of attention on the streets of NYC. Here we take a look into the mind of this veteran and find out his views on Graffiti and the choices he's made as an artist in this game.

Video Shot/Edit By: Damien Bielak  
Director / Interview by: Brian Mr. Radio Camacho
Story written by: Victoria Lovenotes