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Arts and Rhymes Community Artist Project

Arts and Rhymes Community Artist Project is a Public Art display commissioned for Artists by Artists that first started in Bushwick Brooklyn.The artists that are selected for our Who Got Style?! Wall Series all have long-term ties to the local communities and have long celebrated contributions through creative expression.  Arts and Rhymes developed this program as an intentional Community Initiative focused on providing opportunity and support for the longstanding creatives in the Bushwick Brooklyn community and beyond.  The Who Got Style?! Wall Series is a unique opportunity, to bring together our creative community, and to develop Public Artworks that showcase the proud and diverse talents of these artists. Arts and Rhymes wall installations can be seen around the Brooklyn neighborhood such as Bushwick, Williamsburg, Bedstyversant, and East New York. Arts and Rhymes is proud to contribute to the cultural and creative environments through creative events to continue celebrating our local traditions of Public Art.

Arts and Rhymes Children workshop 

The Arts and Rhymes Children’s Art workshop. is committed to building positive self-awareness, innovative thinking, and the original expression of children. In our workshop, we believe in cultivating the intrinsic creativity of every child. We highly regard the importance of providing all children with the opportunities to engage in imaginative art making, beyond the rote manufacturing of reproductions of predictable works of art, and instead, teach students to understand art making. ​ Our professional teaching artists and dedicated volunteers teach every child how to steer their own creative direction through innovative experimentation in painting, mixed media, sculpture, and printing. We are confident that your child’s journey to self-esteem and creativity will commence with us at the Arts and Rhymes Children's workshop.

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