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Story by Lola Lovenotes
Photos taken by: Crystal Pena 

Arts and Rhymes officially launched their "DASH TO DINE" pop up gallery this past April. Combining  local restaurants and local artists, Arts and Rhymes hopes to open the eyes of NYC to the hidden gems that are in each borough. The buzz and hype that was circling around this event had been built up for weeks and the opening did not disappoint!

"DASH TO DINE" premiered at Burger it Up, located at 146 Knickerbocker ave, which is a bushwick home recipe burger and fries joint that is a favorite among the local residents.







To compliment the food, Arts and Rhymes featured talented Graffiti artists DEK 2DX AND NEG HUH.


These two artists are big names on the streets of New York City and have been putting in work for years. A chance to finally see an exhibit from them was greatly anticipated. The crowd that showed up on April 25th came from all 5 boroughs. The show opened at 6pm and there was an instant audience.





The hungry travelers were devouring the delicious burgers and strong drinks. The place soon became packed and the crowd spilled into the streets of Brooklyn. 







As the night went on, paintings were sold as well as more food. Late into the evening, business turned into pleasure and it was time to party. Arts and Rhymes planned an after party for the artists right around the corner. A low key spot where the artists can meet their fans and party the night away in celebration of a successful night. If you happened to be the only one who missed this artshow, you need to make it a priority to check out the next "DASH TO DINE" shows. You don't want to miss out on the great art, food and amazing vibes that only occurs at a "DASH TO DINE" art show! The closing party was on May 23rd, but don't worry there is still art up for view and for sale on the online shop.

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